Cycling, Music, Travel, Friends.....

It would be great to just blog about these subjects, the nice things in life. MS, or Multiple Sclerosis, is in my life as well, though. A shadow that is slowly growing, trying to dominate. This blog covers all of these parts of my life. It is honest and will say how things are, good or bad..... Take a look.....

Click here for a bit of background about me and this blog... including it's rather odd name!

MS: Ten Years After and….. Feeling Rather Good!

This week will mark the tenth anniversary of the day I was told that I had MS, provisionally at least. It had probably been around for longer. I now work a three day week, can walk little more than a kilometre or two without the use of a walking stick and have many and varied […]

The Best Laid Plans and All That….

This post was planned to be a triumphal celebration of another great achievement on the bike. Something of a yearly tradition since 2016. It is not. All the plans were in place, I felt strong, better than for a long time and well prepared for all that the Alps were going to throw at me. […]

Preparation for the Alps: The Dull Stuff

So, all of that emotion, that anger, inspiration, the pain, the ecstacy of completing a big climb. For all of this stuff to happen a lot of dull stuff also needs to happen. The not so exciting element of preparation. Riding A Bike Well, it goes without saying that I am going to cycle a […]

Motivation for the Alps: Anger and Awareness

This blog centres on MS and cycling and it is a weird combination, I keep saying that. Too much has been about MS recently, though. I want to say something about cycling and why I am going to go mad in the Alps next month. I mean, a guy with MS cycling up mountains? How […]

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