The Kinks once wrote ‘So Tired of Waiting’. Whilst they were talking about a relationship and not a cycling event, right now it feels appropriate. Less than a week before Liege-Bastogne-Liege. A rest week. Not too many kilometres, keep rested. Pack. Do some last minute checks on the bike. Rest some more.

That’s the point of a rest week, right?

Effectively, just wait.

Wait some more.

It feels interminable.

Check the bike again.

Go for walk. Nice aerobic exercise.

Check the bike again

Go to work.

Why not pop out for a beer? Take a break from work and waiting and checking the bike. Get a bit of a break

No, not this week. Not before La Doyenne. Not beer.

I know, I’ll got for a training ride!

No, wait…. It’s a rest week. Must not overdo it. Rest. Keep resting. Work and rest.

And eat and drink healthily.

Check the bike again.



Time just seems to crawl by. Of course there are plenty of things to do, plenty of things to provide distraction. But I’m just waiting for 21st April. Less than a week to go.

And I can’t wait.

So tired of waiting…..


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