Ventoux: The Last Climb

Mont Ventoux is a personal symbol of how I have tried to react to MS and the climb from Sault means I have now taken all three routes to the top.

That means something to me.

#MS #cycling #Ventoux

Ventoux: Back Among Giants

I love it here. Provence. I am hiding from the Sun a little now, it is a touch warm. But the view of Mont Ventoux remains utterly spellbinding. How can something that can be so cruel on long climb have such a calming presence. Today, though, has been acclimatisation day. One ride, not too long […]

Training End – Part One

Training End – Part One – Time for the fist challenge which will also mark the start of training for the second challenge #cycling #Ventoux

Ventoux – More than a Mountain

Climbing Mont Ventoux by bike is personally really important…. It’s not just another mountain…. I’ll try to explain why…… #cycling #Ventoux

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