Closure: The Month of Mountains

How in hell’s name can I put this in to words? I can still feel last week in my hamstrings, in my calves. It’s in my mind! It won’t go away for awhile. It’s really difficult to put this in to words. But it’s good to try. The closing of the month of mountains. The […]

Traveling Light

Traveling to Italy with bike and first ride – short but wonderful, preparing for bigger things! #cycling #Italy

Trainings End – Part Two: The Toughest of the Cycling Challenges Yet?

A follow-on from Trainings End-Part One which proceeded climbing Mont Ventoux.

The next ride will be far tougher – some reflections…..

My Cycling Challenges for 2019

Staying active is incredibly important to me. It’s why I set myself personal challenges with the bike. This year there will be three…..

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