Cycling: How Does It Feel?

I mentioned my blog to a colleague recently. She asked what it was about so I told her. MS and bikes. Her response something like ‘Oh no, not more bikes!’ A comment made jokingly but I get where it comes from. Cycling is something drives me but others can find it a little dull. The […]

MS: Time For A Rest

MS progression has, for me, reached a new phase. I need to learn how to deal with that. Time for a rest… Not always easy… #MS #MSLife

MS and the Ability to Surprise – Others

Being open about MS leads to surprise and (good) questions. These give a chance to explain (my) MS. They also show how the on-line world can help. #MS


The Kinks once wrote ‘So Tired of Waiting’. Whilst they were talking about a relationship and not a cycling event, right now it feels appropriate. Less than a week before Liege-Bastogne-Liege. A rest week. Not too many kilometres, keep rested. Pack. Do some last minute checks on the bike. Rest some more. That’s the point […]

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