Motivation for the Alps: Anger and Awareness

This blog centres on MS and cycling and it is a weird combination, I keep saying that. Too much has been about MS recently, though. I want to say something about cycling and why I am going to go mad in the Alps next month. I mean, a guy with MS cycling up mountains? How […]

The Return of the Lazy Blogger

When I took this blog too seriously, a long time ago with thoughts of using it as a gateway to a career in wine and food (honestly!), I used to read blogs about blogging. I think I had too much time on my hands, perhaps? One thing these blogs on blogging talked about a lot […]

2019: Closing the Door

As 2019 closes it’s natural to look back. Hence a post looking back on a year of learning and fantastic new experiences. #MS #cycling

Ventoux – More than a Mountain

Climbing Mont Ventoux by bike is personally really important…. It’s not just another mountain…. I’ll try to explain why…… #cycling #Ventoux

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