Ventoux: Back Among Giants

I love it here. Provence. I am hiding from the Sun a little now, it is a touch warm. But the view of Mont Ventoux remains utterly spellbinding. How can something that can be so cruel on long climb have such a calming presence. Today, though, has been acclimatisation day. One ride, not too long […]

Ventoux – Second Time Lucky

And then it was done. Ventoux climbed for a second time, marking the completion of the second challenge for this year and also a big personal landmark,, showing that last year was not a one-off, that I can take on the physical challenges and meet them, albeit not very quickly. So, the climb. May 30th, […]

Challenge Number Two – Ventoux…. Just One More Time….

The last three days of work and the holiday begins. Back to Provence, to Mormoiron and back to Ventoux. This time, just for myself and not for any sponsored goal, although the sponsored goal of last year’s ride was bloody important for me. No fixed date for the ride although I do have one in […]

The Day After

Today is all about a rest. And cleaning the bike. A lot of dirt on the cassette and chain, not to mention the sticky residue of energy drink spillage. After Ventoux yesterday perhaps an anti-climax but necessary. A small piece of domestic work after a ride that will stick in my mind. Mont Ventoux via […]

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