The Best Laid Plans and All That….

This post was planned to be a triumphal celebration of another great achievement on the bike. Something of a yearly tradition since 2016. It is not. All the plans were in place, I felt strong, better than for a long time and well prepared for all that the Alps were going to throw at me. […]

MS: Has It Actually Changed Me?

I saw an article by another person with MS reflecting on what it had changed in them in the twenty or so years since diagnosis. Quite a lot, of course, although such a span of time leads to change in any case. Still, selfish soul that I am, it got me thinking. As I approach […]

Low – The Darker Days with MS

When I talk about MS and it’s impact I try to be positive in my response. It’s important to be. It feels good to tell a positive story around something that is, well, hard work sometimes. Nicer to read something positive about it as well, I expect! It is unrealistic, though, to only talk about […]

Music: What It Means to Me

This blog tends to centre on cycling and MS. But there is more in my life, honestly! That’s where the ‘Everything Else’ section of this blog comes in. A sort of a catchall for all of the other activities and subjects that get me excited, get me out of bed. So what sort of things […]

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