Music: What It Means to Me

This blog tends to centre on cycling and MS. But there is more in my life, honestly! That’s where the ‘Everything Else’ section of this blog comes in. A sort of a catchall for all of the other activities and subjects that get me excited, get me out of bed. So what sort of things […]

2021: Get that Door Open!

Normally I write a post reflecting on the past year around this time. Reflection on what is good and bad. Did one for 2019, 2018 etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But I don’t think that I really want to do that for 2020. It was a difficult year. For the world, COVID-19 made it that way. The […]


I tend to name my bike rides after songs. No real reason. Sometimes a song I had in my head that helped me keep rhythm peddling, other times a song that just put me in a good mood, more often than not a song I had just heard on the radio. And sometimes its symbolic. […]

From 2017 to 2018

And it’s another year done. Here’s my take and, as per last year, classified as Good and Not So Good. And, as per last year, very personal. Good The triple challenges for 2017 were all completed. Lots of words on those already. I will just say……. happy! Good  I will just say one more thing […]

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