MS: Ten Years After and….. Feeling Rather Good!

This week will mark the tenth anniversary of the day I was told that I had MS, provisionally at least. It had probably been around for longer. I now work a three day week, can walk little more than a kilometre or two without the use of a walking stick and have many and varied […]

The Best Laid Plans and All That….

This post was planned to be a triumphal celebration of another great achievement on the bike. Something of a yearly tradition since 2016. It is not. All the plans were in place, I felt strong, better than for a long time and well prepared for all that the Alps were going to throw at me. […]

A Moment of Vulnerability

A short post on dealing with feelings of vulnerability caused by MS related issues and why I should not allow them to dominate me.

MS: Has It Actually Changed Me?

I saw an article by another person with MS reflecting on what it had changed in them in the twenty or so years since diagnosis. Quite a lot, of course, although such a span of time leads to change in any case. Still, selfish soul that I am, it got me thinking. As I approach […]

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