Challenge Number One – La Doyenne

And then it’s done. All the preparation, training and mental preparation built toward yesterday, April 22nd 2017. The Liege-Bastogne-Liege challenge, or perhaps I should be honest and call it Liege-Stavelot-Lige because the 156km version does not go as far as Bastogne. But that’s not something to linger on, it’s still ‘La Doyenne’, or ‘The Old […]

Challenge Number One: Insanity in Belgium

Suddenly, it’s less than seventy days. Just around the corner. Travel and lodgings have been arranged, a provisional date set for the bike to be serviced and so now it is just a case of training, counting down the days towards Liege-Bastogne-Liege. The first of this year’s challenges and the hardest. So, why do it? […]

The Cycling Challenges for 2017

Targets are important to me. Last year’s was important for many reasons. Fundraising for research in to MS and also for me to challenge myself to do something…… different. Cycling up a mountain was a first for me and, I must admit, I liked it. Next year will be the same, albeit this time not […]

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