A Moment of Vulnerability

A short post on dealing with feelings of vulnerability caused by MS related issues and why I should not allow them to dominate me.

MS: Has It Actually Changed Me?

I saw an article by another person with MS reflecting on what it had changed in them in the twenty or so years since diagnosis. Quite a lot, of course, although such a span of time leads to change in any case. Still, selfish soul that I am, it got me thinking. As I approach […]

Mountains and a Bad Leg

I know I said I wasn’t going to have a target this year. Well. I lied. The mountains are calling. There are more physical considerations for this year, though, meaning a bit more of a pragmatic and a bit less obsessive approach to the rides that will come at the end of June. Target – […]

Low – The Darker Days with MS

When I talk about MS and it’s impact I try to be positive in my response. It’s important to be. It feels good to tell a positive story around something that is, well, hard work sometimes. Nicer to read something positive about it as well, I expect! It is unrealistic, though, to only talk about […]

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