Cycling Insanity 2020 Part 2: Col du Tourmalet

I like cycling up mountains. This year’s will be Col du Tourmalet, in the Pyrenees. This years second bit of cycling insanity for 2020.


Bordeaux is an old friend. My first holiday with my now wife was twenty-five years ago there, students with little money and a lot of luck. Finding a place to stay was pretty lucky. More recently a visit as part of a holiday. No longer the poor students and staying at a nice place nearby. […]


It is hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t like cycling. Actually it’s hard to explain to many who do like cycling. In fact, it is plain hard to explain! How can someone who lives in a flat country and who has a right leg that can be slightly questionable like climbing so much? How? […]

Ventoux – Why Again?

So, back to the mountain. Last year it was the achievement for me. This year? It’s second in a list of three. After Liege-Bastogne-Liege….. But a poor second? Absolutely not. It’s cycling up a mountain. Just a case of going up….. and up….. and up….. So why do it again? One year on I am better cyclist […]

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