The Best Laid Plans and All That….

This post was planned to be a triumphal celebration of another great achievement on the bike. Something of a yearly tradition since 2016. It is not. All the plans were in place, I felt strong, better than for a long time and well prepared for all that the Alps were going to throw at me. […]

Preparation for the Alps: The Dull Stuff

So, all of that emotion, that anger, inspiration, the pain, the ecstacy of completing a big climb. For all of this stuff to happen a lot of dull stuff also needs to happen. The not so exciting element of preparation. Riding A Bike Well, it goes without saying that I am going to cycle a […]

Mountains and a Bad Leg

I know I said I wasn’t going to have a target this year. Well. I lied. The mountains are calling. There are more physical considerations for this year, though, meaning a bit more of a pragmatic and a bit less obsessive approach to the rides that will come at the end of June. Target – […]

All is Change

Been off the blog for a while. A time of a lot of change. I have taken comfort in the trivial through all of this. And I am reminded of how lucky I am. #cycling #MS

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