Preparation for the Alps: The Dull Stuff

So, all of that emotion, that anger, inspiration, the pain, the ecstacy of completing a big climb. For all of this stuff to happen a lot of dull stuff also needs to happen. The not so exciting element of preparation. Riding A Bike Well, it goes without saying that I am going to cycle a […]

Motivation for the Alps: Anger and Awareness

This blog centres on MS and cycling and it is a weird combination, I keep saying that. Too much has been about MS recently, though. I want to say something about cycling and why I am going to go mad in the Alps next month. I mean, a guy with MS cycling up mountains? How […]

A Moment of Vulnerability

A short post on dealing with feelings of vulnerability caused by MS related issues and why I should not allow them to dominate me.

Cycling: How Does It Feel?

I mentioned my blog to a colleague recently. She asked what it was about so I told her. MS and bikes. Her response something like ‘Oh no, not more bikes!’ A comment made jokingly but I get where it comes from. Cycling is something drives me but others can find it a little dull. The […]

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