A hobby became a passion because of one slightly impulsive purchase in 2015. I’ve now reached 20,000 kilometres on that impulse, keeping me strong despite my…… issues. Worth a bit of reflection. Impulse My first road bike, a Bianchi, was getting tired, old tech. It had got me interested, though, so job done. It was […]


The Kinks once wrote ‘So Tired of Waiting’. Whilst they were talking about a relationship and not a cycling event, right now it feels appropriate. Less than a week before Liege-Bastogne-Liege. A rest week. Not too many kilometres, keep rested. Pack. Do some last minute checks on the bike. Rest some more. That’s the point […]

Good Times!

Sometimes the good stuff just comes non-stop, like an avalanche. Perhaps overdramatic but, for all the troughs, the peaks are there to be enjoyed, revelled in. First the slightly superficial. Well not that superficial to me but, anyway, the triple challenge has been completed. What started on a miserable day in April with a slow, […]

Challenge Number Three – Rondje Markermeer

So, the year comes slowly to close and, with it, the triple challenges I set myself with the bike. Just one left now After Liege-Bastogne-Liege (agony in the rain!) and Mont Ventoux via Malaucene (agony in the Sun!) comes the easy one (no agony??? Please???). The Rondje Markermeer…. Well, easy….. In comparison to the the […]

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