Cycling: How Does It Feel?

I mentioned my blog to a colleague recently. She asked what it was about so I told her. MS and bikes. Her response something like ‘Oh no, not more bikes!’ A comment made jokingly but I get where it comes from. Cycling is something drives me but others can find it a little dull. The […]

2019: Closing the Door

As 2019 closes it’s natural to look back. Hence a post looking back on a year of learning and fantastic new experiences. #MS #cycling


A hobby became a passion because of one slightly impulsive purchase in 2015. I’ve now reached 20,000 kilometres on that impulse, keeping me strong despite my…… issues. Worth a bit of reflection. Impulse My first road bike, a Bianchi, was getting tired, old tech. It had got me interested, though, so job done. It was […]

Challenge Number Three: Cold and Wet

The last of my personal challenges for this year was completed on Saturday 7th September with the climb of the Mendel Pass. A good climb, for me. Not massively fast and actually, despite my initial plans, completed on a day that was cold and wet. Unspectacular. The Dull Bit: Stats The climb was completed over […]

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