Wednesday 25th May was International MS Day. To be honest, these ‘International <Insert Cause Here> Days’ are always something that I am wary of. Of course they raise awareness but I find myself wondering whether the awareness raised actually pays for the publicity machine that is sometimes engaged.

This particular ‘International’ day, though, was a different for me as it covered something that has impacted me personally. So, in a fit of hypocrisy, I added an orange wristband to those I already wear for ‘Klimmen Tegen MS’ and went about my day. To be honest, nothing exceptional happened.

But such a day did nudge me toward looking at various social media; blogs and other such on-line sources. People around the world with the same diagnosis as I were talking about their experiences, the ups and downs and, significantly for me, the importance of being open. Something I agree with. Not open in the sense that you go up to someone who you meet for the first time and say ‘Hello, I have MS, do you have a neurological condition that you would like to share?’ More that it is something that those who need to know know. Friends, colleagues. Employers as well, as there is nothing wrong with the brain.

The other important thing that I picked up? Simply put, a lot of people who were making the most of things. A lot that had the same sort of issues I have had, continue to have and may experience in the future. At the same time, there was a desire to keep going, keep doing stuff.

The first ‘Reason Why’ post (Part 1, if you like), whilst not overly ‘dark’, did talk about darker aspects such as fear. This post is more a reflection of the simple desire to keep doing stuff, push the envelope a little, keep trying. For me, right now, it is the climb of Mont Ventoux. I am currently fit, in good condition and want to revel in that, via Ventoux and whatever comes after it. After paying lip-service to the dark it is important to step in to the light.

The issues are there and they are staying. But the world is a big place. Part 2 is about my desire to keep it as big as possible and enjoy as much of it as possible. Part 2 is about keeping moving. That I am not the only one with such a mission is, to be quite honest, strangely comforting.

Mont Ventoux


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