As mentioned in the introduction to this blog, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis around the same time I started cycling. I won’t repeat the story here but those days were confused and I will freely admit that I was fearful. MS meant wheelchairs, no life, giving up many things that I loved as I lost mobility.

Well, I have had to make compromises and I have had to give things up. But nowhere near as much as I thought I would. Multiple Sclerosis is not as clear cut as I thought it was when first diagnosed. But compromises are needed.

My amazing, lightweight road bike has enormous mountain-bike pedals, for example, because I cannot always make the right foot movement to clip in.

When I go to a concert, which I love, I am never at the front but frequently at the back because sometimes it gets too much and I need a break,

I have earplugs as sometimes the noise around me gets too much.

I work full-time still but not nine-to-five. Flexitime, frequently with an hour for a doze during the day.

That’s the compromises. When I got diagnosed my neurologist told me it was important to stay fit. That’s where my passion for cycling has helped.

I have Multiple Sclerosis but consider myself so lucky in all that is around me. The blog will cover the good and the bad. Preferably more of the former!

Please take a look.