I came to cycling very late. When I was a teenager I briefly had a racing bike that my father painstakingly restored. I then sold it to him. Before that I rode it a little but, was not my thing.

Over twenty years later I needed to do something. A new job was leading to a lot of air miles and bad food combing with less time to walk that I had previously had, Another hobby I greatly enjoyed and actually very good for you if you have the time. Time was getting more limited, though.

A holiday to France, though, in the area of Mont Ventoux, gave me a new idea. People cycling up mountains? Who the hell wants to do that?

Well, I do.

Cycling gives me enormous energy and I am sure has helped me to stay active and healthy despite The Other Thing. A pillar for me that has helped me keep things as normal as possible. Part of this comes from the annual challenges, starting with Mont Ventoux in 2016 and getting progressively more insane…..

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