Bordeaux is an old friend. My first holiday with my now wife was twenty-five years ago there, students with little money and a lot of luck. Finding a place to stay was pretty lucky. More recently a visit as part of a holiday. No longer the poor students and staying at a nice place nearby. […]

Normandy: A Short Reflection

I have written before that I like France. Of course, not everything is perfect about France but show me a nation that is perfect right now in any case but… well…. you’re on holiday. Holidays are about relaxation. Not sure why, but France is always somewhere I can relax easily. Spain as well. For some […]

Up and Down – Holiday Cycling in Mallorca

A short entry and a very fast reflection on the two-wheeled part of this years holiday. Mallorca has a reputation as a cyclists paradise and, from the little I have seen, this is entirely correct. The roads are good and generally well-maintained, the motorists are very respectful (apart from some of the tourists) and the […]


This started life, quite some time ago, as a blog about food and wine with a bit of travel thrown in. Quite some changes have happened since then so I write less about food, wine and travel. Indeed, I  write less and tend to focus on cycling and the objective for the coming year. So it […]

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