The Day After

Today is all about a rest. And cleaning the bike. A lot of dirt on the cassette and chain, not to mention the sticky residue of energy drink spillage. After Ventoux yesterday perhaps an anti-climax but necessary. A small piece of domestic work after a ride that will stick in my mind. Mont Ventoux via […]

Trainings End

So the training has closed. Tomorrow we fly to Marseilles and then a short piece of logistics before the big climb. Right now slightly nervous, but also happy, looking forward. Perhaps a little over-concerned about the weather but looking forward….. And back. After all, it is eight months of training and preparation for this. Nearly […]


Last week it was slowdown and now it is a complete halt. The next time I will ride a bike will be in France. Not a major ride, just a quick familiarisation with the area around Ventoux. A warm-up ready for Saturday. Spot the route to the mountain….. Like I could miss the mountain….. The […]

Final Preparation

Now there is just over a week to go. Not much more to do in preparation. No point in over-exercising, tiring myself out or having a crash. The bike has arrived safely in France and is waiting for us there. Just some short rides to stay in shape on my second bike. But not so […]

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