All is Change

Been off the blog for a while. A time of a lot of change. I have taken comfort in the trivial through all of this. And I am reminded of how lucky I am. #cycling #MS

Cycling Insanity 2020 Part 2: Col du Tourmalet

I like cycling up mountains. This year’s will be Col du Tourmalet, in the Pyrenees. This years second bit of cycling insanity for 2020.

Cycling Insanity 2020 Part 1: The Amstel Gold Race

Each year I set myself something to achieve on the bike. It needs to be tough, out of the ordinary, special. A big climb or a long distance ride. 2019 was definitely the year of the mountains so, for 2020, it’s back to the Spring Classics. What is special, for me, is that this Classic […]

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