Bordeaux is an old friend. My first holiday with my now wife was twenty-five years ago there, students with little money and a lot of luck. Finding a place to stay was pretty lucky. More recently a visit as part of a holiday. No longer the poor students and staying at a nice place nearby. A quick drive and we were in the city. A nice lunch and a wander around in the afternoon Sun.

Always warm, pleasant, relaxed.

So was the last weekend there. Another visit, my third or fourth. As per every trip it was warm, pleasant, relaxed. This time, though, it was also very wet! Umbrellas and short trousers, a strange but practical fashion combination.

Still, a lovely trip. The old friend was still welcoming and the weather meant that perhaps plans were changed a little. A museum for a change? Indoor market? Plenty to do. And an excuse to rest back at the hotel, handily coinciding with Tour de France coverage. Had to get cycling in there somewhere!

The food and wine? Well, it’s France!

A short post. Short and happy, just back, a fog of new memories that are difficult to put in to order. So, no long reviews of what a painting said to me or how wonderful a mouthful of wine was. Just a brief post and a couple of pictures. And a reflection that, after 25 years, a place can still make you excited, happy, showing a side that you did not know it had.

Not many words. Sometimes, though, it’s enough.

Bordeaux after the rain....


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