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  • Educated Impulse and a New Bike


    By nature I am thrifty but, occasionally, I go a little mad. A reflection of my decision process, perhaps. Normally disciplined and controlled but also capable of acting on a whim on what can be fairly major decisions. Moving countries, changing jobs, things where a bit of research is undertaken but then the decision is made […]

  • Cycling!
  • Up and Down – Holiday Cycling in Mallorca


    A short entry and a very fast reflection on the two-wheeled part of this years holiday. Mallorca has a reputation as a cyclists paradise and, from the little I have seen, this is entirely correct. The roads are good and generally well-maintained, the motorists are very respectful (apart from some of the tourists) and the […]

  • Ventoux 2016
  • Trainings End


    So the training has closed. Tomorrow we fly to Marseilles and then a short piece of logistics before the big climb. Right now slightly nervous, but also happy, looking forward. Perhaps a little over-concerned about the weather but looking forward….. And back. After all, it is eight months of training and preparation for this. Nearly […]